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Loving Plants and Creating Highly Informative Articles

Loving Plants and Creating Highly Informative Articles

Max Polyakov was into sciences a lot but his father always wished he could become a lawyer. Max was particularly into biology especially after he read about plants at school. This even prompted him to get advice from people in plants businesses on whether starting a flower company can get him enough money to live the best life. A relative of one of his pals used to work in a plants company. He is the one that offered to guide Max.

How Max succeeded in a flower business


Max Polyakov studied Plant Science and majored in Horticulture at the University. He finished with high marks and did some jobs to gain practical experience.

The relative of his pal who was assisting him allowed him to do his internship at his plant company. This is where Max Polyakov was taught various ways of growing flowers and maintaining them.

Max started his own company

While he was still in an internship, Max Polyakov planned how he would begin his own business online after he had learnt everything he needed to be independent. Max was always online and he was convinced that he will succeed more by working online than when working offline. So, he created a blog and started writing about plants. Besides that, he used to compose articles that he would post on several sites on the web.

Max Polyakov next created an outlet and at this point, he wanted more supporters. This prompted him to learn how to place adverts online and how to make his posts go viral. He additionally studied content creation and SEO activities. A half a year later, 5 million people were supporting his blog.

He additionally had an account for Google AdSense which enabled him to get paid by Google whenever someone visited, liked or performed other actions on his account.


Now since he had established his business, Max Polyakov began teaching other people on the weekend. He became so popular that more and more people became his fans and could wait every time for his new posts. Max had a live blog whereby he could talk about something and allow his fans to comment or ask questions. Max’s highly loved session was one which he talked about starting a plants company and the benefits of starting it.


Finally, Max Polyakov became well-known and rich. His blogs kept doing well and he continued to give lectures about how to become successful. You can read more about him at

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