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Max Polyakov Expands his Floral Business to Include Event Organizing

Max Polyakov Expands his Floral Business to Include Event Organizing

Max Polyakov revealed that although his company was not known for organizing events and decorating, it has been at it for a little over two years. The decision to make it public and the official was the one he had to take with a lot of caution and consideration. Max Polyakov explained that when venturing into the field as large as event organizing, it was of the utmost importance to be excellent at what you do. He went on saying that his pilot projects had been resounding successes and had led him to receive a large number of recommendations. This pointed the businessman toward event organizing. Max Polyakov also revealed that when they began there had been several disputable situations. Some clients wanted his artwork but not his flowers. This gave Max an idea to draft out a different price menu for such clients. It was more difficult handling such clients because anything that went wrong could be billed on the company. Event organizing was a risky affair but it was a move that Polyakov felt well equipped to make. Two years of prior experience in this field, as well as the clients’ approval, made him confident that his team could handle it. He only mentioned that he would need a few new hands to help out in the event organizing part of his activities.

Max Polyakov’s Floral Company

Being asked if this move сould hurt his floral business, Max Polyakov was certain it wouldn’t. He emphatically said that company amendment in no way meant that one area of focus would be left to dry. The man said that he would see to it that both sides of his company were well and thriving. They would be treated as different entities although they had the same name. It was not an automatic package, giving clients the ability to choose if they wanted his flowers along with his expertise, just flowers, or just his expertise. In all these ways, there’s a profit. Max Polyakov went on saying that his workers and his board had agreed with the new direction and the costs had been counted. As a result, Max Polyakov announced that his company was open for new hires, especially for people interested in the event organizing business. They expected to begin an interviewing process from Monday.

This move seems to be the one to become the game changer for Max Polyakov and his flower business. It is estimated that in a few years his company will be worth a little over 5 million.

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